Hi, I’m Amber


What’s up, beautiful people!? My name is Amber Dawn.

Welcome to Amber at Dawn!

I’m just a goofy Southern California native, paving my own unique way in life. I have a passion for travel, good stories, animals, health, fitness, and art in all forms. I’m building a career, that I absolutely love, as a trainer and group fitness instructor. It hasn’t been easy though. I have quite a diverse background and it took me some trial and error to get here, so I’m completely aware of how fortunate I am to do something I love as a job.

I decided to start this blog because I’ve always enjoyed writing, and thought I could add another hobby to the list. Said hobby list includes singing (usually my thoughts out loud at any given moment) dancing (extremely poorly and at the most inappropriate times) drawing, boxing, aerial acrobatics, HIIT training, ocean swimming, hitting local hiking trails, reading books, traveling, and petting every dog I see. I’ll be writing about my life, ideas, fun finds, and experiences, whether they be exciting, humbling, eye opening, or just plain funny. Feel free to follow along and say hello!

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