Dirty Lemon anyone?

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If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve come across a picture of these iconic striped bottles that have been taking over accounts left and right. It’s hard not to take notice! After seeing a few of these bottles pop up in my feed, curiosity started to get the better of me, and I clicked a link that took me to an account called Dirty Lemon.

“Better beverages to drink daily” reads their bio, and the hashtag “Yes to more” is seen on all of their posts. Dirty Lemon is a line of beverages that claim different health and cosmetic benefits. The free-spirited, care-free attitude of the brand seems to fully understand the struggles of a modern lifestyle, and doesn’t expect people to conform to strict diets and unrealistic standards. The beverages they currently offer are Detox, Energy, Sleep, and Skin+Hair. I decided to try one case of their Detox, and one case of their Skin+Hair.


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Detox was first up on my agenda. The drink itself is actually black, so the nerd in me felt like I was drinking some magical Harry Potter potion. Now, I don’t really drink sodas or juices ever, I mainly just drink water, so I didn’t expect to like the taste of these beverages. However, I was pleasantly surprised, as it tasted like a very mild lemonade, and was easy enough for me to drink. This one is supposed to be had on a full stomach before bed. I normally eat late, so this wasn’t a problem for me either.

Each bottle of detox is only 10 calories, and has NO sugar! (Good! More sugar is the last thing I need) The ingredients are very simple, containing only filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice (which aids digestion and supports weight loss), ginger root (which soothes the stomach), dandelion root (which also soothes the stomach and helps your liver to rid the body of toxins), and activated coconut charcoal (which aids digestion and alleviates bloating).

I didn’t really feel any note-worthy difference during my week on detox. However, I did seem to have a much flatter looking stomach, and who doesn’t want that?!? My verdict on the detox, is that it would be great to do here and there for an extra boost in weight loss efforts, or before an event where you want to look your best! I’ll definitely be getting another case (or two) of detox when the pool parties start happening this summer! #secretweapon COME AT ME, SWIMSUIT SEASON!


Skin+Hair is the one I’m really excited about! I’m turning 29 in a month, and my skin is dirtylemon (2) - Copystarting to show early signs of aging. (NOOOOOOOOOooooooo!) I, like many of you out there, want to be as proactive as I can be in preserving my youth, so I started this case with high hopes. This one is said to take a little while before you see any kind of results, and I honestly didn’t see any improvement in my skin for the first 5 days. I started to get a little bummed out, until finally, on the LAST day of my case, I woke up with my skin looking smoother, brighter, fuller, and fresher than it has in AGES! I got really excited and immediately ordered another case of Skin+Hair.

I’m almost finished with my second Skin+Hair case, and I haven’t put foundation on in three days! I Don’t feel like I need it right now (but of course, if I had a date or something I’d totally put some makeup on). This is a pretty big deal for me though, because I NEVER feel pretty without makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some self loathing woman, and I don’t feel ugly with a bare face. I’ve just never felt particularly confident with a bare face. Any time I’ve ever gone anywhere sans foundation, I’ve always gotten the whole “Are you OK? You look really tired. Are you getting sick?” mumbo jumbo that the world likes to hit you with. However, I went to


Just woke up, and skin looks fresh! (Excuse the hair. I slept in my braids…)

work the other day without any makeup on except mascara, and not a single person even noticed! IT WAS AWESOME! I look in the mirror after washing my face now, and I feel beautiful in my own sweet naked skin! It’s amazing to have such strong results in such a short time. My skin tone is much more even and radiant, I look better rested, and my fine lines are much less noticeable. I’m definitely making this one a staple in my fridge. I imagine it will take a while before I see a difference in my hair, but I trust it will come with continued consumption.

So at 20 calories a bottle, the Skin+Hair has twice the calories of Detox. My 20 favorite calories of the day. This one has a bit more of a spicy kick to the flavor (because of the cayenne) and you can sip it throughout the day whenever and however you want. The ingredients of Skin+Hair include cold pressed lemon juice (which again aids digestion and supports weight loss) horsetail (which has antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits) red clover (blood purifying properties) cayenne (aids circulatory and digestive systems to help rid the body of toxins) and last but not least, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides (which slows and combats signs of aging skin). I dig it.  My verdict? I want to use this one as much as my budget will allow!

I’m not sure I’ll be trying the Dirty Lemon Sleep or Energy any time soon, because at $65 a case, any orders I make will most likely be more Skin+Hair, but if I do, you can expect my review to follow. That being said, let’s talk about the unique ordering process that Dirty Lemon has set up.

All of the ordering is done ONLY via text messaging, and what I love most about it, is that you’re not dealing with a robot. You’re talking to a real live human being (I know, pretty shocking in the world today) and you can ask them any questions and have a full on conversation if you’d like. To get started, you go to the Dirty Lemon website and click the word “order” up at the top right. It’ll take you to another page, prompting you to enter your phone number. You’ll get a text with a confirmation number to enter into the website, and once you do, it will ask for your payment and shipping info. After that, you do everything through text. Don’t worry, you wont be charged for anything unless you specifically place an order. Your info is saved, so you can shoot them a text with a question or an order whenever you want. They’re usually pretty quick to respond, and very friendly. Simple enough! You’re all set!

Alright friends, go check em out, and let me know if you have any questions. Happy pampering!